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Purchasing your Classic automobile

Purchasing a vintage car is fairly complicated, however you do need to make sure in choosing precisely what kind of car well fits your requirements. It’s no good buying a timeless vehicle MGB if you want to utilize the car for family outings (with kids and pet dogs) to the beach. Equally, a Ford Cortina 1600E might tick all the practicality boxes if you’re a single bloke – however does it have the same result on your street cred as a gleaming MK2 Jaguar? Key practical considerations therefore need to be: Variety of seats, number of doors, hard-top of soft-top, boot area – as well as image!

Where to keep your vintage car

How you store the car is also a major aspect. Unfortunately, most ‘old’ vehicles merely don’t stand up to the weather fresh ones, so you’ll have to keep your brand-new classic in a garage or lock-up to maintain its look. If, like many people, your garage is complete with anything BUT an automobile you’ll either have to clear it out or factor in the cost of leasing a lock-up in your budget plan.

If the car needs some work doing on it, you’ll need space to walk around the automobile (particularly under it). And if you’re thinking of keeping it outside, covered with a tarpaulin, think again! Wet increases, putting your automobile at risk – and how will you fancy doing your essential upkeep work in the pouring rain or driving snow?

Automobile condition

The condition of your chosen classic automobile is a significant consideration. If you have a background in engineering, welding or metalwork, a rusting old load will hold no worry for you. Classic automobile publications have plenty of adverts for a huge variety of prospective timeless automobiles, and this need to be your prime hunting ground. The secret is to be practical about what you can handle. A complete restoration job is one thing – but it might be a lot more practical to handle a task that’s been part finished, and simply requires a couple of spares to get it back on the road.

Similarly, you may find a ‘deal’ for simply a couple of hundred quid, that may well be worth ₤ 15k when complete. But spending hours trying to find irreplaceable body parts, or having to outsource specialist elements of the rebuilding task to experts, will quickly make you wonder whether it was all rewarding.
A sensible choice when buying your very first vintage car is to spend a little bit more, but choose something that is presentable even if it takes a bit longer to find the car of your dreams.
Where to find classic cars

The internet has actually made it simpler than before to purchase a classic automobile. Previously, purchasers needed to scour shop windows for most likely purchases or purchase specialist publications, but now simply typing ‘Daimler Sovereign’ or …